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6 officers injured in shootout outside a Canadian bank, two suspects were shot and killed, police say -EnglishHindiBlogs-News

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The suspects were killed after exchanging gunfire with police outside the bank in Saanich, according to Saanich Police Department Chief of Police Dean Duthie.

No one inside the bank was injured, Duthie said, noting it was one of the most violent scenes he had seen in his nearly 27 years of service at Saanich, which is a district municipality on Vancouver Island in the Greater Victoria area.

“What I know of this chaotic, tragic, dynamic and violent scene, the fact that no citizen was harmed in any way is truly incredible,” Duthie said.

Officers first intervened around 11 a.m. after receiving a report that two armed men had entered a bank.

Officers engaged the suspects outside the bank, Duthie told a news conference. The suspects were heavily armed and wearing body armor, he said.

During the confrontation, three officers from the Saanich Police Service and three from the Victoria Police Service were injured.

“Many shots were fired,” said Joan Flood, a Saanich resident who told CNN she was in her fourth-floor apartment across from the bank when the shooting happened.

‘I heard a gunshot and I was up and turned around in the living room and then I saw the police approaching the bank with guns in their hands,’ she said .

Flood said that as the scene unfolded, she saw a person fall to the ground and not get up.

“As I was watching, a person came from behind the bank, crouching down, who looked really hurt,” she said. “And they started crawling, then they lay down and stayed that way.”

Three of the injured officers were to be released from hospital, while the other three were undergoing surgery with more serious injuries, Duthie said on Tuesday.

Homes and businesses near the scene were evacuated due to a potential explosive device in a vehicle linked to the suspects, he added.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police told CNN they are assisting Saanich police.



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