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How To Save Water Ways To Conservation Water, Measures, Importance, Poem Essay Slogans (Save Water Essay upay, Poem slogans in English)

essay on save water

importance of water

Water is life, we always hear this, but how much do we believe? Do we protect water like life? Do we give him as much love as the life of a human being? The answers to these questions will be in everyone’s mind. We all know that without water we cannot even imagine our life. But still we spend it in vain. 70% of our earth is submerged in water but only 1-2% of it is usable. We need to save water very much, otherwise the day is not far when we will crave every single drop. Water is such a wealth that we will save it, only then our future generation will be able to use it. If water is there, there is future,

To prevent wastage of water, we can start from our home. With just a little understanding and a step taken, we can give this gift to our coming generation.

How to save water and ways to save

  1. Do not leave the tap open Whenever you brush, shave, wash dishes in the sink, then keep the tap turned off when not needed, do not waste water. By doing this we can save 6 liters of water in every minute. Do not waste water from the bucket even while taking a bath.
  2. Use a bucket instead of a shower to take a bath. Even if you use shower, then use small ones, so that less water is consumed. By not using shower, we can save 40-45 liters of water every 1 minute.
  3. Wherever the tap leaks, get it repaired immediately. Otherwise, place a bucket or bowl under it and then use that water.
  4. Use low power washing machines, it saves water and also consumes less electricity. Instead of washing a few clothes every day in the washing machine, wash it by collecting it.
  5. Put water in the plants from the water can instead of the pipe, it uses very little water. Up to 1000 liters of water is used from the pipe in 1 hour, which is a complete loss of water. If possible, pour laundry water on the plants.
  6. Install water meter in the house. According to the amount of water you use, its bill will come. While paying the bill, you will understand how much you have wasted and will then take care from the future.
  7. While extracting hot water from the geyser, first cold water comes in it, which we throw away. Do not do this, fill cold water in a separate bucket, then hot water in another. You can use this water elsewhere.
  8. A lot of water is also used in the flush, so get a flush in which the force of water is less.
  9. Always keep the drains clean, because when it gets clogged, a lot of water is shed to clean it. So keep it clean beforehand.
  10. Plant trees so that it rains well and river drains get filled.
पानी की बचत कैसे करे, निबंध, नारे उपाय, कविता | Save Water upay Poem slogans in English - Englishhindiblogs

Why is it necessary to save water

Always protect water, and inspire others to do the same. We will only then our little ones will also learn from us. If any tap is open anywhere on the way, then close it, if the pipeline is broken then complain about it. Nowadays, water comes in our house, the value of water is understood by those people who walk 4-5 km to get water. For 1-2 buckets they have to stand in line for hours. We cannot help them directly. But at least save water, so that it can reach the right hands. Start this from your home from today itself, it is a social responsibility which we all should take together.

Save Water Poem

Guess water is not worth
But these are precious for life
where the breath goes
where water grows
it’s not just a poem
a lesson in life
save water save water
Otherwise there is a sad ending
no water limit
But he is not able to drink
water that makes life
they can’t be found everywhere
price it now
otherwise you will regret
save water today everyone
otherwise you’ll have a difficult problem

slogans on saving water

No water, no life.

If you will protect water, then life will be protected.

Water is water, the whole of life, if not water, then it is our misfortune.

if there is water there is life

Preface :- Water is life and it runs our life, but does anyone believe in it or not. In today’s time, it is necessary to save every drop of water. It is also true that if you do not save water, then the next generation will crave every single drop. The faster the water level on the earth is decreasing, it looks like this. In the beginning, where there was water at great depth on the earth, today there is such a situation that today 90 to 100 feet of water has gone down here.

stop wastage of waterThis lesson is definitely learned from the way water is wasted, water should be saved for tomorrow. Today’s water saving is the need of the times to come. Many times it is seen that water is wasted due to open drains, and bad machinery and pipes, due to which a lot of water gets wasted. You should also understand your responsibility and if you are going to some public palace and understand your own responsibility to shut off the water from there. Do not let the water be wasted or wasted without any reason. You are probably familiar with this fact, many birds give up their lives without water.

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Water conservation and storage to save waterIf seen today, water is the basis of life and if water is to be saved then its conservation is necessary. The availability of water is also decreasing very rapidly, and the epidemic is also increasing. It is our national responsibility to save water and this issue is spreading very fast at the international level as well. Water sources are decreasing. It is our moral responsibility to preserve and protect water. The way water sources are decreasing, it is becoming impossible to save water accordingly. We should also work to save water, we should understand our responsibility.

Water saving in agriculture is the need of today

Agriculture is not possible without water at all. Do you know that water is also very important for agriculture. Saving water should become our first priority in today’s time.

  • For this, along with the Agriculture Department, whoever is the beneficiary, they should keep in mind that they should not add more water to the fields and crops than necessary so that water can be saved.
  • Those crops which require less water should be grown more so that water is saved.
  • Crops with unnecessary wastage of water should be grown less and such crops should be grown during the rainy season so that the demand of water on those crops is less.

why we should save water

Do you know why we should save water? To answer this question, first of all, we have to understand the importance of water, water is one of the first life-giving things in life, but apart from this, oxygen and water and food cannot live without it. There is water on 71 percent of our earth, which is slowly decreasing. Out of this 71 percent water, only 2 percent is potable. Millions of people in the world drink tons of water every day, due to which it can be estimated that the shortage of water is becoming very high. For this it is necessary that the wastage of water should be stopped.

Water is also the need of today to be clean

  • Many people are getting sick from dirty and contaminated water, due to which many diseases are spreading, so always protect the water so that it remains safe and remains good.
  • You must know that 13 liters of water is used to make newspaper, due to which water becomes very wasted.
  • The condition of our country is such that every 15 seconds a child dies from this polluted water.
  • Therefore, to avoid contaminated water, it is necessary to protect and protect the water.

Water saving is the need of the day

  • First of all, you should take care that at least the water that is wasted can be conserved.
  • According to an estimate, if a little water from the earth is saved daily, then a lot of water can be saved.
  • Use water of daily life use as much as necessary so that water can be saved.
  • While taking bath, save water as much as possible, after filling the bucket, turn off the tap and use water only when necessary.
  • While turning off the tap, close the tap so that the remaining water is not wasted.
  • Stop cutting of trees so that we can get rain water according to the rules of the environment.

Water is the need of our life, it should always be saved and it should be conserved as much as possible. Today’s water savings can be tomorrow’s earnings. This lesson is definitely learned from the way water is wasted, water should be saved for tomorrow. Today’s water saving is the need of the times to come. Many times it is seen that water is wasted due to open drains, and bad machinery and pipes, due to which a lot of water gets wasted. Hope you liked this article.


Question 1 – How to conserve water?

Answer – To conserve water, use as much water as is required so that maximum water can be saved.

Question 2 – What are the measures to save water?

Answer – Although there are many ways to save the people, but if you understand in easy language, then whenever you go to a public palace and see the water being wasted there, it should be closed.

Question 3 – How much water is present on earth?

Answer – 71 percent water exists on the earth, out of which 2 percent is potable.

Question 4 – Use of water in agriculture sector?

Answer – There is a lot of water in the agriculture sector, in this if you want to save water, then give more importance to that crop which can flourish even in less water.

Question 5: What is the importance of water conservation?

Answer – The speed with which the water is running out of the world, in that situation it is necessary to save water today so that water can be saved for tomorrow.